China concrete & stone cutting tools

China concrete & stone cutting tools

Development background of diamond drilling machine

In recent years, as an important means of isostatic cutting and demolition of concrete structures, diamond drilling machines have been widely used in the structural transformation industry of industrial and civil buildings, and at the same time, they have also broadened new ideas for the development of prospecting engineering technology.

diamond core drill

    The initial application of diamond drilling machines was in concrete structure sampling by highway pavement concrete coring inspection, construction scientific research and quality inspection units. In the 1980s, the diamond thin-walled drilling rig was developed, and it developed from building drilling and drilling to the structural transformation of concrete wall cutting and opening. In the mid and late 1990s, due to the adjustment of the internal layout of the building structure, there was an increasing demand for structural transformation and reinforcement, and the drilling and cutting technology also developed faster. In the late 1990s, the advent of the automatic feed controller realized the automation of the diamond drilling machine, shortened the residence time of the staff in the arduous and dangerous working environment, and correspondingly expanded the application range of the diamond drilling machine. Foreign drilling rigs have realized the use of sound-reducing devices to reduce the noise generated during construction; the use of air cooling and dust bags to collect dust, reducing pollution caused by cooling water; reducing the size of the drilling rig, increasing the flexibility of operation in small spaces . The application of the vacuum suction cup on the drilling machine solves the difficulty of fixing the drilling machine on smooth walls such as marble and ceramic tiles.

diamond core bits

    Now the diameter of the drill bit of diamond drilling machines is basically serialized, and the diameter of the drill bit of each manufacturer is very small, and the size of the bit body and the structure of the carcass has not yet formed a unified standard, but the bit and the drill are both versatile. The construction of the dam diamond drilling machine uses advanced technology, which puts forward new ideas for the development of drilling technology in the drilling industry, and is of great significance to the expansion of new fields of prospecting engineering.

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