China concrete & stone cutting tools

China concrete & stone cutting tools

What are the rhinestone drilling skills? What should I pay attention to when drilling with rhinestones?

一. Techniques for drilling holes with rhinestones

1. When punching holes, we first find a roll of about 5 cm of scotch tape, and first paste two tapes under the position where you want to punch the hole, about 20 cm, then stick it under the hole An airtight and sturdy convenient bag, so that it is not too small or too big, 20-30 cm is enough, then use tape to make a circle around the hole that needs to be punched, so as to prevent the water from falling off the rhinestones To come out, we first punch out the holes with a rhinestone, then fill the rhinestone with water, and put on a rag of a suitable size. Generally, a wall of 25 can be penetrated at a time, basically about 5 minutes, a wall of 37 is a bit more troublesome, but It needs to be refilled when it is halfway through, but usually it can be penetrated in 10 minutes, and it takes longer for the concrete. Just tear off the convenience bag after punching.

2. Next, I have been installing air conditioners for so many years. I feel that the most tiring part is punching. Then the most time-consuming is punching. It is common to encounter difficult holes to torture you for an hour. I don’t recommend dry grinding for friends with rhinestones. It is also very harmful to the drill or the drill bit itself. However, I now use a convenient bag according to the cabinet. This bag will not only save you time but also There are many, and the bag is torn directly after the hole is punched, and there is no need to clean it.

二. What to pay attention to when drilling a hole with rhinestones

1. Rhinestones should be operated and kept by a dedicated person, and the operator must undergo special training before taking up the post.

2. It is very important to keep the drilling rig clean and dry in ordinary times, but no water can enter the motor during operation and storage, but when not in use, the drilling rig should be wiped clean in time, but it should be kept in a dry room. When not in use for a long time, the drill bit To be removed, and a layer of grease should be applied to the guide rail.

3. All equipment, facilities, safety devices, tools and accessories and personal labor protection supplies on the construction site must be checked frequently to ensure that they are in good condition and safe to use.

4. Operators must wear high-pass insulated water shoes, safety helmets, and insulated gloves during operation.

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