China concrete & stone cutting tools

China concrete & stone cutting tools

Water drill drilling does not flow to the wall

Wall drilling is very technical. If it is not done well, it will affect the effect. What's the skill of water drill drilling without flowing on the wall? Pchouse, let's get to know each other.

1. The wall under the drilling position and the ground within the drilling range are covered with new and thicker plastic film to avoid dust and water sticking to the ground and wall during water drilling.

2. Try to lay or paste a layer of paper (similar to paper boxes) on the wall and ground in the operation area to prevent massive substances from falling and sticking to the wall or damaging the ground.

3. Buy a sticky post it note and stick it where you want to punch a hole; Then find an empty abandoned shoebox, cut a hole as big as a drill on the shoebox, put it on the drill, and keep the shoebox close to the wall when drilling. Of course, you can also wrap Shanghai cotton around the edge of the shoebox to increase the tightness, so that the dust generated by drilling will be collected in the shoebox and reduce the pollution to the wall to the greatest extent. After drilling, remove the box and tear off the instant sticker. It's good.

4. When drilling, first stick adhesive tape around the eye, and then find a larger garbage bag. Dig a hole the size of a water drill at one corner of the garbage bag. Just stick the hole with the adhesive tape on the wall.
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