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15KW high frequency wire sawing drive unit

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  • Product Description:NEW Drive Unit for Wire Sawing Wall Sawing and Drilling Direct Power This is our new developed wire saw drive unit

NEW Drive Unit for Wire Sawing Wall Sawing and Driling Direct Power

This is our new developed wire saw drive unit

PU-D15 high frequency electric wire saw power unit specification.

No. Function Specification
1 Output 380v, power 15kw, the rated current 29A
2 Speed gear Electrodeless variable-speed, 0-2000 rotation (driving wheel speed)
3 Cutting speed 0-31 m/s
4 Auxiliary control action Up, down, stop for wire closing track
5 Driving power current range 0-30A
6 Control system pressure range 0-60 bar
7 Control system speed range Can be low down to 0
8 Series protector alarm

Red and green LED lights display

Auto power off portection

9 Electronic control components Schneider, custom pieces
10 Working end hydraulic fittings 1/4 dust plane quick connector
11 Working end electrical interfaces Air quick connector
12 Working end water interface Quick connector
13 Cooling system Water cooling
14 Power cable 6 square meter 5 core rubber cables
15 CTN size L530mm, W300mm, H480mm
16 Weight 40kg
17 Average cutting efficiency Reinforced concrete structures, 1-3 square meters (Cross sectional area)/hour


No. Item Compared 15KW high frequency electric drive unit 25KW traditional hydraulic drive unit
1 Output efficiency
98% 40%-60%
2 Power consumption / H
15KW 25KW
3 Water Consumption / H
180L 500L-1000L
4 Power unit weight
40KG 200KG
5 Motor service life
long short
6 Efficiency
sustained diminishing over time
7 Cables light weight, low cost high weight, high cost
8 Shipment cost low high
9 Maintenance easy maintenance, low cost many maintenance items, high cost
10 Noise small big
11 Failure rate low high

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