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G7 Pneumatic Pick for Mining Concrete Construction

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  • Product Description:G7 jack hammer has light weigh and simple structure, it’s easy to operate. It can stop working automatically when the solid object is broken.
Name: G7 Pneumatic Pick for Mining Concrete Construction 


Product Introduction                                                             

1. Pneumatic pick hammer splitter Appliance  

Pneumatic pick is lighter, more flexible and convenient operation. It's suitable for operating all around of work, especially in narrow space, upper or climbing direction. It can stop working automatically when the solid object is broken.

It's widely used in coal mining, soft rock, digging pits for post brackets, digging slots, breaking concrete, frozen earth in construction and installation engineering or constructing works in casting industries.


2. Pneumatic pick hammer splitter Feature  

a:This kind of machine is designed for block secondary splitting or squaring specially,

b:it can be instead of the dynamite blasting or traditional manual splitting device completely.

c:It can be widely used for reinforced concrete breaking or removing, such as the construction

d:building part demolition, bridge dismantling, demolishing underwater etc.

e:One complete machine including a pneumatic hammer and one set of forge plug and feathers 


Technology Parameters  

 Model  G7 G9  G10  G15  G20  G35  G90
Weight (kg)  7.2 9.5 10.6 12 20 20 42
 Cylinder Dia. (mm)  35  37  38  42  40  45  67
 Pituitary trip (mm)  120  130  155  160  170  160  148
 Working pressure (Mpa)  0.63  0.63  0.63  0.63  0.63  0.63  0.63
 SCFM (L/S)  20  25  20  26.5  27  22.5  41
 Inner Dia. (mm)  19  19  19  16  19  19  19

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