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15KW electric wire sawing machine for concrete cutting ston cutting

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  • Product Description:this electric wire saw machine is the economic type for concrete cutting, also suitable for stone cutting, metal cutting, etc.

concrete cutting wire sawing machine electric powered


Rope driving:  Electric

Rope tightening:  Electric

Rope driving maximum power:  15 KW

The rope tightened the maximum power:  0.2*60 KW 

Spindle output speed:  R/MIN  Nine hundred and seventy-five,   Maximum line speed of a rope 

M / S:  Twenty-five point five

Maximum size of active wheel:  MM  Five hundred

working voltage: Three hundred and eighty V

Voltage frequency:  Fifty HZ

Wiring requirements:  10 square meters of the five core 380V

Total weight:  Two hundred and forty-eight KG

Shape size:  800*800*2100 MM


Description of each component

1. the whole machine support is made of stainless steel pipe and galvanized material.

2. host: the main motor provides the driving force needed when the diamond chain is cut, and the small motor provides the power needed to cut the diamond chain. Aluminum plate: drive the diamond chain to rotate.

3. double direction wheel (selected) to change the cutting direction.

4. control box: control large motor, small motor, total power control, other information display.

5. diamond cutting chain (optional) recommended for supporting the company's diamond cutting chain, in order to obtain the biggest economic.


Operation description

1. total power supply using three phase five core, ten square, soft core cable, zero line must be connected, otherwise the frequency converter can not start. Wire should not be too long, will reduce the rated voltage, cause the machine to start, cutting power is not enough.

2. main motor lines use three phase four core, ten square, soft core cable.

3. small motor out line use three phase three core, 2.5 square, soft core cable.

4. all joints must be plugged into the end, locking the lock, otherwise the plug gap fire will affect the service life of the plug and socket.

5. steps: cutting rope rope alignment machine motor rope, using universal wheel to universal wheel rope alignment machine into the rope, so as not to appear on the same axis off the rope and play saw rope can not be too tight, first push on switch to start the motor, and then set the inverter (numerical the proposed numerical 4.0-7.0, reference to the specific circumstances the scene again, and then adjust the adjustment) small motor steering switch.

Before the

6. opening, it is confirmed that the three phase power indicator lights are all bright. If any light is not bright, please do not turn on, confirm whether or not it is missing.

7. after the cutting is completed, the large motor is moved back to the front of the machine, and the machine is directly moved back to the right position, and it can be cut directly.


electric wire sawing

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