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30KW diamond wall saw machine hydraulic powered

  • Product Item:WS-30KW
  • Category:Wall Sawing
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  • Product Description:diamond wall saw machine is widely used in reinforced wall cutting, brick wall cutting, it works very stable, and very easy to operate

30KW diamond wall saw machine hydraulic powered

Technical data

WS-30KW hydraulic pack

Max.Power                 30kw

Motor cooling method        water cooling

Voltage/Frequency          370V-420V  50HZ-60HZ

IP protection code           IP54

Pressure stages              3

Max.operating pressure      210bar

Oil flow rate                40-100l/min.

Dimensions(L*B*H)          500mm*520mm*1100mm

Weight                     140kg

WS-30KW saw head

Saw blade diameter range    800-1600mm

Cutting depth                730mm

Max.oil flow rate             100l/min.

Max.operating pressure       200bar

Gearing                     gear

Rotation speed(with 700TM unit)  450/850/1200Rpm

Dimensions(L*B*H)           400mm*420mm*400mm

Weight                      39kg

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