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diamond wires for granite quarrying

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  • Product Description:Different bonded and diamond concentration is available for material such as granite, marble, concrete, limestone, sandstone etc.

11.5 diamond wire saws for concrete cutting and quarrying, granite cutting, marble cutting

We produce different sizes of high quality diamond wire saws, can be used for a variety of granite and other hard stone mining, concrete cutting, slotting, cutting and so on.

Advantage in quarrying and mining:

Mining with a wire saw can reduce the waste of mining resources,
2. Dust-free, noise-free, safe, reliable, high capacity and fast efficiency.
3. The rubber protects the wire very well and increases the power of the wire saw.
4. Normally injection wire saw is used for mining calcareous stone
5. Comprehensive low cost for mining

Bead fixing methods: Spring holding up, plastic injection, rubber injection, plastic(rubber) injection plus spring holding up.


Diamond wire saw is applied to stone quarrying, block shaping, cutting for abnormal shape and carrying out construction engineering and so on. Different bonded and diamond concentration is available for material such as granite, marble, concrete, limestone, sandstone etc.

A. High efficiency
B. Small cutting slot: It can reduce waste of material and no hurt to stones.
C. Easy use: Easy to use, no special skill in using. Unlimited of size of work piece, can be used for dressing and forming for abnormal profile.
D. Good flexibility

1. the wire tension is generally 250-300kg (Φ4-5mm wire rope)
2. wire saw cutting speed according to different material:
1-2 grade granite: 25-30 meters / s
3-4 grade granite: 22-26 m / s
Grade 5 granite: 20-24 m / s
Marble: 30-45 m / s
Abrasive rock: 30-35 m / s
3. water flow is 12-25L/min

Product Description:

Cutting Type Diameter (mm) Fixing Type Beads (pcs/m) Line Speed(m/s) Cutting Speed(m2/h) Lifetime(m2/m)
Granite Quarry 11.5 rubber 40 25-30 2-8 5-40
Marble Quarry 11.0 spring+rubber 40 30-35 5-10 10-40
10.5 spring 28/33 35-40 5-15 10-50
11.0 spring 28/33 30-35 5-15 10-50
Sandstone Quarry 11.5 rubber 40 25-30 10-15 20-40
Reinforced Concrete 11.5/10.5 rubber/rubber+spring 40 20-30/12-25 3-5/1-5 5-10/2-6
Other specification available upon request

Why spring + rubber coating for marble diamond wire saw is better?

In marble quarrying, sometimes, but not always, broken wire happens. Traditional marble quarry diamond wire is with spring reinforcement, when the steel wire broke from the middle, the spring will fly out like a bullet, it is not safe, to make it safety cutting and for longer tool life, spring and rubber coating diamond wire is better to the production and application in marble mining. Spring and diamond beads are placed in orders, the rubber coating makes it fasten and inforced. If same broken wire happens, spring is tightly held by the rubber coating and no any spring bullet fly out to hurt the operator, it is a much safer operation way for marble quarry wire saw.

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