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portable hydraulic rebar cutter for construction

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  • Product Description:It is used in the construction of buildings, Bridges, tunnels, power stations and large water conservancy projects.Reinforcing steel cutter compared with other cutting equipment, has a light weight, l

Features of rebar cutting machine:

1. Small volume, light weight, compact body and compact structure, beautiful shape;

2. Good lubrication performance: use box type closed structure, gear splash lubrication, successively refueling continuous operation for one month. (oil surface should not be lower than the oil standard scale, so that the machine is always in good lubrication condition)

3. Less power consumption: because of the improvement of lubrication conditions, the gear shaft adopts rolling bearing, and the resistance is small, and the power can be reduced by a third when compared with the same type cutting machine.

4. Convenient movement: front wheel steering, flexible maneuver and convenient maintenance.



 Model  HRC-16 HRC-20  HRC-22  HRC-25  HRC-32 
 Voltage (V)  220/110 220/110 220/110  220/110  220/110 
 No-load power (W)  690/900 950/1300  950/1350  1600/1700  2900/3000 
 Cutting speed (S)  2.5-3.0 3.0*3.5 3.5-4.5 6-7 
 Steel cut diameter (mm)  4-16 4-20  4-22  4-25  6-32 
 Net weight (kg)  8 12.5  15  24.5  31 
 Gross weight (kg)  13 17  21.5  32  40 
 Box Size (mm)  510*230*150 575*280*165  485*190*330  565*230*345  630*240*350 





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